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Part of a group exhibition at Interlude Gallery, Sydney next week along with 5 other local artists. We are all making new individual and group work for the exhibition. The show opens Thursday 15th Sep 6 - 8pm and runs until the 24th Sep, invite is attached. Here is some additional info-

Ideally ~ yes is a collaborative exhibition that takes its starting point from the notion of the island. An island is a body surrounded by symbolic connotations – from heterotopias to holiday getaways – as much as it is by sea. The new work presented in Ideally ~ yes explores these shifting implications. 

Sydney based emerging artists Angus Callander, Kalanjay, Matthew Gorgula, Honey Long, Aurora Scott and Kai Wasikowski, have worked together synthesising their individual takes on the expansive concept of island. The result is a dynamic installation based exhibition, where the audience is forced to navigate the gallery space encountering works that employ various mediums from sculpture and photography, to performance. The works overlap both conceptually and physically to highlight the dichotomy of ideas surrounding the island, Ideally ~ yes.

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